Report: Extended Wheelbase Porsche Panamera Confirmed for 2012

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Porsche Panamera Extended Wheelbase is set for 2012.

Earlier this week we saw the first photos of the new Ghost Extended Wheelbase, and now we get confirmation of the 2012 Porsche Extended Wheelbase. According to Car, Porsche insiders have said that the Panamera XXL is in the works and ready for launch in early 2012. The LWB Panamera will get roughly 150mm (5.9-inches) added to its length. Total length for the wheelbase is measured at 3,070mm (120.8-inches).

The extra space will be felt in the cabin, especially for the passengers seated in the rear. The LWB model further shows the flexibility of the Panamera body style, as new engines are routinely offered (diesel, hybrid, and gasoline). Using the same formula that has kept the iconic 911 fresh for years, the Panamera will feature a new, smaller edition tentatively called the Pajun. The Pajun is a play on the German automaker's smaller Cajun SUV. LWB models are hugely popular in Europe and China. The Extended Wheelbase Panamera is set to launch in early 2012. A facelift is expected for the Panamera in 2013, as well as a new four-seater coupe and two-door version.

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