Report: Ferrari Enzo Replacement Details Released

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The new Ferrari Enzo replacement will arrive in 2012 and should provide competition to the Bugatti Veyron.

The replacement model for the Ferrari Enzo will feature a mid-mounted V12 and ride a carbon chassis, according to Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa. During the launch of the Italian brand's 458 Spyder, he told reporters from Inside line that the car could also feature some sort of hybrid technology. Ferrari will incorporate some features of their Formula One racing cars to the production model, including their Kinetic Energy Recovery System.

Felisa said that the future-tech hybrid system "must focus on improving efficiency and not just be about performance." Hybrid prototypes are currently being tested as we speak. Inside Line's report also focused on the replacement-Enzo's chassis, saying it will be made out of a carbon-composite material a la the F50 and Enzo in their respective monocoques. This will come as a direct contradiction of sorts to McLaren's use of aluminum bodies. Felisa elaborated, saying "Today it does not make sense."

He continued further, saying "The weight benefits compared with an aluminum chassis (such as the 458's) are very small and the costs are huge. In the event of an accident, it is also very difficult to identify whether the chassis has been damaged." We are getting more and more excited about Ferrari's newest hypercar, and it should arrive in 2012.

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