Report: Honda Beat Due Out In 2013

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Fans of the departed and much-beloved Honda S2000 can soon rejoice. Several sources in Japan claim that its successor, the upcoming Honda Beat, will combine the best of both automotive and motorcycle technologies to give the new coupe a different driving experience. The new roadster will be mirrored off the CR-Z and will also feature styling very similar to the OSM concept pictured here. What lies under the hood remains a mystery for now.

However, the sources gave hints that power will be provided either via a 1.3- or 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. There is also a rumor that the Beat may offer a dual-clutch transmission that could be taken directly from Honda's VFR1200F motorcycle. There is no official word yet on price, but the new Beat will be available for both US and European markets. We can only imagine what the combination of auto and motorcycle technology has to offer us. And so, the Beat goes on. Photos courtesy of 2008 Honda OSM Concept.

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