Report: Jaguar and Williams Working Together on C-X75


Williams is excited to partner up with Jaguar and expand its involvement with the upcoming C-X75 production car.

The Williams F1 team is excited to join forces with English automaker Jaguar and expand its involvement on the production version of the C-X75 concept. At the moment, Williams is helping Jaguar develop the C-X75 concept into a supercar. Reportedly, Williams could be asked by Jaguar to service and develop hybrid systems for other Jaguar road cars if its work on the C-X75 meets expectations. The partnership could go as far as future Le Mans races if things continue to go well.

According to Williams chairman, Adam Parr, "I don't think I'd be telling any secrets if I say that the C-X75 could run as a pure electric or totally internal combustion engine. The C-X75 is not a Le Mans car, of course. But Jaguar had a tremendous record at Le Mans. I think you can say that competition and high-performance cars are an area where Jaguar is keen to develop their brand." Jaguar is owned by Tata, who also co-own a British company called Bladon Jets. That company was responsible for providing the C-X75 with its micro turbine engines. There is still a lot of interest in using them, but the production version will likely have a hybrid drivetrain.

William's expertise will be used for drivetrain development, specifically turning their Kinetic Energy Recovery System they developed for F1 into a road car version. Jaguar has seven victories at Le Mans, including five in the 1950s and two more in 1988 and 1990, and is rumored to be working on a new LMP1 racing prototype.

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