Report: Lotus Delays Elan Until 2016

While we're not entirely surprised, Lotus has announced that the introduction of a new Elan will now likely be delayed until 2016. Fortunately, the Esprit is still on schedule to launch in 2013. So what's the reason for the Elan's delay? First off, Lotus is currently running operations through the use of massive loans, as the company itself hasn't been profitable for some time. Second, the Evora, which only launched in 2009, still has plenty of life left in it.

And now with new head designer Donato Coco taking over from Russell Carr, the Evora is expected to receive a significant styling makeover for 2013 instead. The decision to simply restyle the Evora makes perfect sense considering the high financial costs of designing and engineering a completely new model. By 2016, the Evora will have likely run its course, making it easier and more cost-effective to launch the Elan.

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