Report: Maybach's Fate Lies in Mercedes-Benz's Hands

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According to a recent report, Mercedes-Benz's parent company Daimler is weighing the fate of their Maybach brand. They could either call it quits entirely with the ultra-luxurious brand or partner up with Aston Martin to develop a new model. The German automaker will make a final decision regarding Maybach's fate by the first of July. So far, Aston Martin has been the only outside company that has shown any interest in salvaging Maybach's future.


If the two luxury powerhouses merge, they could potentially use Aston Martin's production facility in Gaydon, based in the West Midlands UK. Aston Martin could also gain access to Mercedes-Benz and AMG's parts to use for some of their upcoming models. Sales have been gradually declining for Maybach and with an estimated 1,500 cars produced since 2002, only a disappointing 200 were sold worldwide as of 2009 and a mere 160 in 2010. Not that we are really sympathizing here, since the average cost of a Maybach usually starts at around $300,000.

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