Report: Mercedes-Benz Carbon Fiber E-Class Being Readied

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Mercedes new E-Class will be ultra-light and feature a rigid carbon fiber build for a sub-3,000lbs curb weight.

According to a report from Auto Bild, Mercedes-Benz is hard art work developing an ultra-light version of the E-Class. The new E-Class will be made from stronger-than-steel carbon fiber and weight under 3,000lbs, an impressive feat. Early numbers from the German automaker have the new cars weighing in around 2,860lbs, a far cry from its predecessors which carried around 770lbs more.

The rigid carbon structure will allow the German engineers to go nuts with their designs, meaning that it may or may not be based on the 2010 E-Class Coupe Concept we saw a design sketch of several years ago. The new range could come sans B-pillar or with gullwing doors, though most likely it will resemble the CLS in design styling. Mercedes-Benz has been putting added emphasis on increasing fuel-economy and efficiency across the board in their new models, as we reported on the 26th in regards to their possible new line of smaller motors, including a straight-six setup.

No word has come in about what may or may not power the new lightweight E-Class, though it will arrive in 2015, roughly the same time the new family of engines should be arriving.

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