Report: Mercedes-Benz Goes Smaller, Returns to the Straight-Six Setup


Mercedes-Benz is downsizing their lineup with a range of smaller, more-efficient engine.

Mercedes-Benz has just announced that they will be downsizing their engine lineup. More specifically, according to a report by CAR, the German automaker will make use of downsized V8s, four-cylinder units and even straight-sixes on their future models. CAR's source, a "friendly Mercedes engineer," recently dropped the knowledge that the straight-six will arrive in 2015. This takes a page from Merc's German rival BMW, who already uses the setup extensively.

What most don't realize was that Mercedes was one of the first companies to produce an engine with the straight-six configuration over 100-some years ago. It's also worth to note that their ancient engine displaced 10-liters and only put out 75hp. The new engine family that will be launched in 2015 as well will include singe and twin-turbocharged inline-sixes, new four-cylinder motors and downsized 4.0-liter forced induction V8s. As world governments continue to tighten regulations on emissions, Mercedes-Benz believes that their smaller engine lineup will help increase fuel-efficiency and decrease emissions substantially.

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When more details emerge of the German automaker's plans for their smaller engines, we will bring them to you. Photos displayed are of the 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing.