Report: Michael Mann May Direct "Go Like Hell"

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Although we have little to do with the film industry and such gossip, we just came across this bit of news that we just had to share with everyone. According to an online report, famed director Michael Mann (Heat, Manhunter ) is in early talks to direct an adaption of A.J. Baime's book "Go Like Hell." It tells the story of the young Henry Ford II going up against Enzo Ferrari at Le Mans after the latter backed out of a deal at the last minute for Ford to buy the Italian automaker.

In the aftermath, Ford wanted revenge and challenged Ferrari on the Le Mans track. Working with Carroll Shelby and another young talent named Lee Iacocca, Ford went on to beat Ferrari in what is now one of the most famous Le Mans racers ever built, the GT40. Again, the film is only in an early phase and anything can happen in an industry that's about as crazy as the car business.

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