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Report: Mystery Lingers Around Abandoned BMW Dealership


Mystery surrounds a closed BMW dealership in Canada, yet the cars look perfectly intact and ready to be sold.

A BMW Dealership based in Ontario, Canada called Citation Motors, closed its doors in 1988 without any explanation. Perhaps BMW cut back its presence in Canada or the dealership had its concession license revoked for some other reason. Whatever the case, nobody seems to know why the they shut their doors with cars still inside. Anyway, the owner then moved his business to Toronto and changed its name to Downtown BMW. But in 2002, it closed down shop yet again. Yes, quite strange.

The owner seems to be either a recluse or a criminal on the run in an attempt to hide something. However, some items were left behind in the closed dealership, such as an old 635csi and an E28 5-Series. Both cars have very low mileage and are in nearly new condition. After he was tracked down, the elusive owner claimed that he has little to no interest in selling the property or the cars to anyone. Even more intriguing is that there's an unopened storage facility and a back lot full of junked Beamers. The same journalists who found and spoke to the owner also discovered that he still employs a maid service.

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As such, the property has been well cared for inside and out (it's landscaping has also been maintained) and the cars have remained in perfect selling form. So what does someone do with a property like this without any intention of selling? Whatever his reasons may be, it's still a strange case of either a failed business venture or someone who just can't decide what to do with their time. Probably both.