Report: New Tesla Roadster to Arrive in 2014

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Tesla will produce a new Roadster in 2014 according to CEO Elon Musk.

According to a report by AutoCar, a new Tesla Roadster will be launched in 2014. The electric automaker from California has just released their Model S sedan and they are gearing up their production capacity for several new models in the next few years. The Roadster-successor will run on an all-new platform, rumored to be a shortened version of the current Tesla Model S.


This same platform might also lay the foundation for an entry-level sedan, roughly Tesla's answer to the BMW 3-Series. CEO Elon Musk confirmed the use of a new platform, telling AutoCar "This platform will spawn a range of cars in the next four to five years. It'll be a more mass-market platform for cars like a 3-series as well as the new Roadster. These cars will supplement the Model S range." Tesla has admitted to losing money on every Roadster they have ever sold, however Musk said that "Bob Lutz has said the Roadster prompted General Motors to do the Chevrolet Volt. We're trying to change the industry."

We are waiting with bated breath for the Silicon Valley-based company to produce a sweet EV Roadster, as it has the potential to change the way people think about electric vehicles and performance. 2014 should be Tesla's most telling year yet, and possibly the most telling for performance EVs.

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