Report: New Volkswagen Phaeton Coming in 2015

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Volkswagen reportedly wants to launch a second generation Phaeton, but major changes will be needed in order to make it a success.

According to a new report from Car magazine, Volkswagen is planning to launch an all-new Phaeton large sedan for 2015. For those who don't already know, the first generation Phaeton debuted in 2002 to less than stellar sales. The idea at the time was to bump Volkswagen into the premium sedan category against the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Although it was sold in the U.S, sales here were the most lackluster.

Since then, the Phaeton continued to be a disappointment for VW. And now, the automaker looks to be having a second go at it, but with further help from Audi this time around. According to the report, the second generation Phaeton will be positioned between the Audi A6 and A8, but priced below the current model. It will likely be offered with a standard four-cylinder engine, an optional high-output V6, and a hybrid. Its styling will likely be more aggressive than the first generation, which was criticized as being too conservative.

VW will also have to improve issues such as handling and better ride comfort. No word yet on the targeted production date, but we'll likely be seeing a concept version come up fairly soon.


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