Report: Next Generation Audi Q7 Goes on a Diet

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Audi's next generation Q7 crossover will reportedly go on a 770 pound diet.

In past reports, Audi has stated that they will be cutting the total weight for each of their models with each new generation. While this strategy has been a growing trend throughout the industry, it makes absolute sense in terms of improving fuel economy and overall drivability. And now, Car and Driver has claimed that the next generation Q7 will be losing some serious weight due to the German automaker's heavy use of aluminum in the body structure.

By using the same weight watchers strategy used for the A6 and A7, both of which are 20 percent aluminum, the next Q7 will supposedly lose 14 percent of its weight, roughly 770 pounds. This new aluminum strategy is so far working well for Audi, so it makes complete sense they'd continue with it for something as heavy as the Q7. Due out in a couple of years, the large crossover will also have to meet strict fuel regulations. Thing is, aluminum is not exactly the cheapest material (in comparison to steel). So the only question that remains is whether this aluminum-rich strategy will be reflected in the final price.

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