Report: Peugeot 608 Flagship Inspired by the HX-1 Coming in 2014


Peugeot will reportedly build a new flagship model for 2014 based on the HX-1 concept that appeared at Frankfurt last month.

Peugeot will reportedly be producing a flagship model, scheduled to arrive in 2014. According to Autobild, the new Peugeot 608 flagship model will be inspired by the HX-1 concept that recently made its debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. Said to be designed like a shooting brake and be slightly larger than the Mercedes-Benz R-Class, the French automaker's flagship will most likely feature a range of engine options including a hybrid variant.

Output could be anywhere from 161-271hp for a standard diesel engine or 201hp from a diesel motor coupled with a 95hp electric engine. The HX-1 concept ran on a 204hp 2.2-liter turbodiesel powerplant designed to power the front wheels while a 70kW electric motor powered the back wheels. Though much of this is speculation, pricing is said to come around €55,000. The Peugeot 608 should arrive in 2014.


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