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Report: Porsche Delays "Panamera Junior" to 2019

Sedan / Comments

The Pajun was designated for 2018, but has been pushed back by at least one year.

As unpopular as the Panamera was among Porsche aficionados when it first debuted, the car has grown to become one of the company's best-selling models. And like other sports car manufacturers who have gone mainstream, Porsche plans to build on this success by adding a smaller sedan to its lineup, nicknamed the Pajun. This BMW 5-Series-fighter was originally planned for 2018, but a recent report indicates that it will be pushed off until "at least" 2019.

Details are still vague, but rumors indicate the baby Panamera will be offered with a range of diesel and gasoline engines. An additional hybrid version will join the lineup further down the line. The Pajun will follow a redesigned Panamera, due for production as a 2017 model.

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