Report: Saab Restarts Production

Let's try this again, shall we? After several months of living on life support, Saab Automobile has officially announced they have restarted production at their production facility in Trollhattan, Sweden. This is the first time since April 6th that the Swedish plant has been up and running. A total of 100 cars are planned to be built for the grand reopening day. And as production was started up, the company is racing to fill outstanding orders from markets worldwide, a total of 6,500 cars.

Pang Da Automobile, the Chinese auto parts supplier, is the latest company to come to Saab's rescue, has also put in an order for 1,300 cars along with an advance payment of 30 million Euros. Only time will tell whether this latest financing deal will keep Saab alive. The Swedish automaker has been near death for some time now, but if their latest financier is serious, this could just be the lifeline Saab has been looking for. Then again, the same was said about their previous dead-end deals with Russian banker Vladimir Antonov and the Hawtai Motor Group.

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