Report: Saab Will Be Absent For Frankfurt

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Swedish automaker Saab will sit out Frankfurt this year due to their severe financial problems.

Saab will not be in attendance at next month's Frankfurt Auto Show. The news truly doesn't come as a surprise to the troubled automaker. Saab has been in dire straits lately as the Swedish automaker filed for bankruptcy not too long ago due to lack of funds. And now they have announced they will not be at Frankfurt next month. Saab has been having difficulty finding secure partners for the long haul, so it would have been surprising to see them have the cash available to put on an autoshow display.

Despite the difficulties the Swedish automaker had to endure, they did manage to reveal a preview of the PhoeniX Concept at Geneva earlier this year. The PhoeniX is powered by a 1.6-liter gasoline turbocharged inline-four that produces 200hp when mated to the XWD all-wheel-drive system. The PhoeniX uses the new Saab IQon platform that also uses the Google Android operating system. In the meantime, Saab continues to seek financial resources in order to continue production. Recently, they gave clear indication they plan to rename the 9-3 to the 92. For now, Saab will take a leave of absence from Frankfurt.

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