Report: Scion Pickup Coming in 2014

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Toyota's A-BAT concept could finally be manifested for production in the form of the Scion pickup.

It has been four years since Toyota Motor Co. first unveiled their A-BAT Concept pickup truck, and it turns out that the concept will now be produced by Scion. That's right, the first ever Scion pickup truck. The A-BAT, or Advanced Breakthrough Aero Truck, was equipped with a fuel-efficient hybrid motor a la the Prius. After several false-starts with regards to production, it looks as if the Japanese automaker will produce it through one of its Scion subsidiary.

Back in January Jack Hollis, Scion VP, spoke about the possible pickup to saying: "Scion is about innovation and doing things differently. That's why if we were ever to do something crazy, it would likely be more like a 'Surprise Utility Vehicle' rather than a basic pickup truck." They may actually not be fitted with a sole Prius-hybrid engine after all. Word is that the new pickup will be fitted with a traditional gasoline engine with an optional gas-electric hybrid variant. The Scion pickup has a body-style similar to the Honda Ridgeline, which has recently seen its sales land in the gutter.

Market pressure in 2009 due to the housing and economic crisis prevented previous production of the pickup, so any blip or snags seen in the market could again possibly halt production of the concept-based pickup. Whatever the case may be, there is still considerable interest in a fuel-efficient hybrid pickup, let alone one made by Scion. If the A-BAT inspired pickup should make it to production, we expect it to arrive sometime in 2014. Photos displayed are of the 2008 Toyota A-BAT Concept.

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