Report: Shelby SuperCars No More, Now Only SSC


Jerod Shelby is going in a different direction with his supercar company.

If you are a CarBuzz reader, then you assuredly know of the self-proclaimed Bugatti Veyron-beater, the Shelby SuperCars Tuatara. In fact, faithful CarBuzz followers have been arguing constantly about whether or not Jerod Shelby's company could produce and sustain a fleet of Veyron-esque supercars. Well, now you will have to argue about the SSC Tuatara, as they are officially changing their name to avoid confusion with Carroll Shelby and his iconic lineage.

Carroll Shelby, of Shelby Cobra Mustang fame, is currently a retired automotive icon who had his hands in many projects and designed some of the most iconic Mustangs. Jerod Shelby wants his company to stand out and not be confused with his predecessors' Shelby American Inc. In an official statement, Jerod Shelby said of the change "After several months of successfully launching our new corporate name and solidifying further International brand awareness for SSC at the Dubai International Motor Show and Top Marques in Macau, it was the right time to officially announce our name change."

SSC is set to launch the Tuatara supercar this year. The 1,350hp monster features a 7.0-liter V8 engine built out of carbon fiber. Shelby hopes the switch in the company's name will help separate his company from Carroll's shadow, as they hope to build their unique brand into a global name apart from the iconic designer. Photos displayed are of the SSC Tuatara.

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