Report: Skoda Rules Out Fabia RS 2000

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Skoda seems to have confirmed they won't be doing a production version of the Fabia RS 2000 concept, as was displayed at the 2011 Worthersee.

Last summer Skoda showed-off their Fabia RS 2000 convertible concept at 2011 Worthersee Show. Although reviews of it were positive, it seems that now the automaker has ruled out any chance of putting it into production. According to U.K. magazine Autocar, Skoda technical chief Eckhard Scholz said that "This is not the next step for us. We want to be going into volume segments." We already knew that the brand has plans to double its sales from 2011 to 1.5 million units in 2018.

So in other words it makes sense for them to focus on mainstream volume sellers rather than a niche sports car. However, Skoda does plan on expanding their RS brand in the near future with plans to launch an RS version for both the MissionL concept from this year's Frankfurt Show and the hatchback version, the VisionD, which debuted at Geneva last March. Scholz did confirm that there won't be an RS version of the uber conservative Superb sedan, stating that the badge must "fit the car."

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