Report: Sub-Tiguan Crossover from VW? Walter de’ Silva Says Yes

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VW plans on building a smaller Tiguan-style crossover, according to recent reports.

AutomotiveNews has reported that Volkswagen will be making a new crossover. The smaller model will sit right below the Tiguan crossover and the German automaker's Cross Coupe concept, recently seen at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show last week, is definitely not a preview of what this new model may look like. All of this news comes from an interview with VW design chief Walter de' Silva.

De' Silva said "The Cross Coupe is not a preview of the next Tiguan - a vehicle which will keep more traditional proportions - but a first look at how we could lure different customers in the crossover segment." Volkswagen plans on producing a wider range of crossovers, which began originally with the Touareg and then moved on to the smaller Tiguan. This new model will continue the trend, as VW looks to expand their lineup. Both of the models just mentioned were market leaders in their respective segments in Europe, so it is a natural progression for VW to go one step smaller.

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"Crossovers demand is expanding from mature markets to emerging markets and we have to cover this growing appetite with a multilateral expansion in the offer of our brands," de Silva continued. AutomotiveNews also reports that China could be a potential market, as the small crossover segment has already emerged as the fastest growing segment in Europe. The concept, however, is more of where the company wants to go with their SUVs instead of their crossovers. Its grille will also be making its way onto a VW model in the near future. Photos displayed are of the 2011 VW Cross Coupe Concept and 2012 Tiguan.