Report: Subaru Confirms Three New Models and a Hybrid

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Subaru plans to release three new models and along with their first hybrid. The four together comprise part of the automaker's Motion-V strategy, whose goal is to sell one million units annually by 2021.

By 2016 Subaru hopes to have launched three new vehicles, according to Fuji Heavy Industries, LTD. The Subaru manufacturer stated this goal as part of their new "Motion-V" business plan. Though vague (and a bit optimistic) on the actual products on offer, the plan seems solid enough with an emphasis on international sales an all-time high. The Japanese automaker will release the Toyobaru sports car and a Daihatsu-based mini car in spring 2012.

Those two will be followed in 2013 by an unnamed hybrid. Afterwards, another new model will follow. The hybrid model is rumored to be based on the Hybrid Tourer Concept, though it is at least expected to feature some of the ideas that are constituted in its highly conceptual design. The HTC featured a pair of hybrid electric motors (each axle contains one) giving it an effective and efficient all-wheel drive system. The 2.0-liter boxer 4-cylinder engine is mated to a CVT. Subaru will be striving to make improvements on their new models, aiming to improve their fuel-efficiency by 30 percent.

They would like to be known as the "world's leading brand in safety performance." The goal for Subaru's Motion-V plan: selling one million vehicles annually by 2021. The Motion-V plan is said to be an expansion of the EyeSight system, which includes vehicle-to-vehicle communications and a stereo camera driver assistance system with pre-collision control.

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