Report: Tesla Model X Crossover Coming Soon, Faster Model S in the Works

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Tesla is releasing their Model X before the end of this year and developing a performance version of their Model S electric sedan.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has dropped some big news over the weekend in regards to two of their highly-anticipated vehicles, the Model X Crossover and the Model S sedan. A recent report by Car detailed Tesla's plans for the new models. For fans of the Model S sedan, there is good news: a faster variant will become available soon. Badged as a 2012 vehicle, the new electric S sedan will feature the same 85kWh 300-mile range but with some added oomph.

The previous model's 0-60mph time has been cut down from 5.6 seconds to a nice 4.5 seconds. In addition to the extra performance, Musk has said that the range could be improved by as much as 20 miles thanks to a set of lightweight, aerodynamic wheels. "We're also going to be offering aerodynamic wheels that will enable 320 mile range. There were some skeptics who said we couldn't do a 300 mile range, but we're going to do better than that. We're going to offer 320 mile range, as tested on the EPA 2 cycle test," Musk told

Both the Model S and X will be built at Tesla's Fremont factory in California. The NUMMI plant used to belong to GM/Toyota. Tesla moved into the plant about a year ago and they have fitted and equipped the place to manufacture multiple body styles off the same platform from its conception. Tesla's Head of Manufacturing Gilbert Passin said "We can build many models on the same line. The Model S is just one 'top hat' on a platform that is very modular. All our pressing modules are very adjustable and we're working on improving that flexibility even further and making it faster at the moment. This plant is all about high flexibility at a low cost."

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The Model X Crossover is set to be revealed before the turn of the New Year and will make its world debut in late January at the Detroit Motor Show. The crossover will sit on the same platform as the Model S sedan. According to Car, the new crossover will 'blend the qualities of an MPV and a SUV.' Musk said "The time is right to unveil the car. I've seen the latest design for it and I'm very happy with it." The design of the Model X will allow seating for seven, as it contains two rear facing seats at the back for extra compatibility. Photos displayed are of the 2009 Telsa Model S Concept.


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