Report: The BMW Z2 to Launch in 2014, Possibly AWD

According to a recent report, the BMW Z2 could be released as early as 2014. There is some speculation on the soft-top roadster in regards to having an AWD system to fix the handling tradeoffs. Amid all the trepidation of having a an all-wheel drive sports car, Car magazine has reported that BMW has been considering the use of the front-wheel drive UKL1 platform. This would most certainly lead to a faster production time, possibly as early spring 2014.

The third possible option being passed around is that BMW could end up delaying the Z2 until 2015 or 2016 and using the rear-wheel drive platform from their 2-series. If that were to happen, the Z2 would essentially be thought of as a variant of the 2012 1-Series. The Z2 is expected to be offered as both a coupe and convertible with outputs from a variety of 2.0-liter engines ranging from 168hp to 268hp.

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