Report: The Most Popular Car Color in the World is… White


Take that, silver! White rules the world of automobiles.

Automotive paint making company PPG has just concluded their global research project of what the most popular color in the world is for cars in 2011. The winner is the color white. According to their research, 21 percent of all 2011 model year vehicles were painted white. Last year's winner, silver, falls to second place tied with black at 20 percent. They did say that color preference changes regionally, as Europe prefers black (26 percent) followed by white (19 percent) and silver (16 percent).

The Asian/Pacific market is quite different, as silver ranks first at 25 percent followed by white at 23 percent and black at 17 percent. "Color is one of the most basic means of human expression. The palette of colors being developed for the automotive segment is being influenced by culture, nature, fashion, interior design, media, auto shows, color popularity and new pigment technology," said PPG manager of color styling and automotive coatings Jane E. Harrington. PPG's survey also pointed out that over 75 percent of buyers considered color when making their purchase.

A further third of prospective buyers said they wanted a vehicle that would 'express their personality through color' and even pay more for the vehicle. Pictured are a few of our favorite 'white' cars.

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