Report: Toyota Prius Will Not Create Spin Off

This one goes out to all the Prius fans out there. Toyota has made it very clear that it has no intention to launch a Prius sub-brand from the company's current lineup. There is currently only one Prius model available in the US market at the moment. However the range will increase to four models next year. Toyota will shortly introduce the Prius V, Prius C and an EV plug-in version of the regular Prius.

According to Toyota's national marketing manager for advanced technology vehicles, Ed Larocque, "The current Prius is usually the third best-selling car in Toyota's lineup (right behind the Camry and Corolla) and serves as an attainable halo car for the rest of the brand. The Prius name is too crucial to Toyota's larger brand image to spin it off, or even to give it dedicated showroom space such as the Scion. The Prius continues to remain the most successful hybrid model ever offered in the US. No other hybrid out there has come remotely close to the Prius in sales.

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