Report: Volvo C70 Convertible Will Be Discontinued in 2013


If the reports prove accurate, then Volvo's C70 Convertible could be discontinued by 2013.

Volvo has been busy reorganizing itself ever since they were sold by Ford to Chinese automaker Geely. While they've been finding success with new models such as the S60 and XC60, it appears now that they're still looking to make a few changes in the near future. So what's up exactly? According to a few reports circulating online, Volvo CEO Stephan Jacoby is planning to kill off production of the C70 convertible for 2013.

Being the only convertible in the Swedish automaker's lineup, it may seem a little odd that its end may be near. However, the likely answer is that its sales have declined in recently. On top of this, Volvo may also be reportedly shutting down the factory where the car is built. Located in Northern Europe, their Uddevalla factory is claimed to be on the finest plants in the region, but right now it's only operating at 65 percent capacity. Its 600 employees will be offered jobs at other Volvo plants or offered compensation. Overall, we're hoping this decision is part of a long-term plan to bring additional and more unique cars to production.

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