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Restomod '51 Kaiser Visits Leno

Beautiful restomod took eight years to finish and the result is spectacular.

When industrial designer Keith Charvonia first decided totake on a restomod project, he couldn’t have imagined his labor of love wouldturn out this good – or take eight years to complete. The 1951 Kaiser Club Coupe is a rare car, sowhen Keith found one that was heading for the scrap yard he went for it, paying$150 for the body shell. A 1995 Chevy Caprice chassis acted as the donor carand after some careful planning, the amateur spent evenings and weekends in his home garagecutting, chopping and welding.

Legendary customizer Gene Whitfield was then tasked with the amazing era-specific paint job, and the finished article is nothing short of a rolling work of art.

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