Restructured Alfa Romeo to Offer RWD-Only and Ferrari Engines

Will become a standalone brand in an effort to save the company.

Fiat-Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne, is about to announce (yet another) new plan designed to save the ailing Alfa Romeo brand. The Italianmanufacturer will now become a standalone brand, with its own headquarters and management responsible for independent financial reports. Alfa will become its own legalentity, allowing Fiat to “make this new relaunch attempt into a crediblebusiness proposition,” sources told Automotive News.

Fiat will continue to build Alfas solely in Italy, offeringa lineup comprised exclusively of rear-wheel drive cars (barring any futureall-wheel drive SUVs or crossovers). Interestingly, the sources also promisedthat future high-end Alfa Romeo models would be fitted with Ferrari-developedengines, pointing at the company’s intention to focus on premium andperformance vehicles. With Marchionne’s previous goal of 500,000 annual salesfor Alfa unlikely to be achieved this year (the brand sold 101,000 units in2013), we hope this plan will help get Alfa back on track ahead of its plannedUS relaunch this June.

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