Retiree Reunited With Original Land Rover 70 Years Later

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That's quite the span of automotive history.

We knew Land Rover had been building off-roaders for a long time. But knowing it intellectually is one thing. Seeing illustrated the eons over which Land Rover production has stretched is quite another.

That's where Dorothy Peters comes in. Now 87 years old, Mrs. Peters worked in the service department at the Rover factory on Lode Lane from the young age of just 15. 70 years ago she worked on one of the first Land Rovers to roll off the line – the sixteenth, to be specific – and kept a photo of it ever since.

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Now seven decades later, she brought that photo (among others) to a recent retrospective event and showed it to the company's heritage specialist Mike Bishop, who just so happens to own that very vehicle. So he set about reuniting the two, and not just for a moment, either: he brought her back to the factory in Solihull where she worked 70 years ago, and even drove her through the simulated on-site "jungle track" in the vehicle, evidently still very much in working condition.

"I had no idea this one conversation would take me on a journey down memory lane," said Dorothy.

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"The opportunity to share this day with my daughter and granddaughters was a wonderful surprise and to see how different the factory is today was very special. It all felt like a dream and I won't ever forget it."

The special event was captured in this video clip, which Land Rover – now celebrating its 70th anniversary as it prepares to launch the new Defender – even screened at Dorothy's retirement home.

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