Retro-Inspired Ford Bronco Heritage Edition Coming In 2022

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But which Bronco generation will it be based on?

With production expected to start in early May this year, Ford hasn't delivered a single new-generation Bronco yet. Buyers have plenty of trims, options, and configurations to choose from, but it seems inevitable that Ford will honor the off-roader's long legacy with some special edition models inspired by previous-generation Broncos.

Citing inside sources, a member of the Bronco6G forum claims Ford will launch a new limited-edition Bronco Heritage trim for the 2022 model year that will be available for two-door and four-door variants. Unfortunately, no other details are available, but we're expecting the Heritage Edition to feature a number of retro-inspired styling enhancements such as unique colors, decals, and badges.

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Since the Ford Bronco has been in production in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, it's unclear which generation the Heritage Edition will honor.

If we had to guess, we suspect Ford will focus on the off-roader's origins and base the Heritage Edition on the original Bronco that launched in 1965. Several retro-inspired color options could be available such as orange, turquoise, blue, and yellow combined with a white roof. Chances are it will also ride on a set of retro-inspired wheels and possibly be available with stripe options. Production of the Heritage Edition will also likely be limited. Just don't get your hopes up for an all-white version inspired by the infamous Bronco O.J. Simpson used to evade police live on television in 1994.

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Ford wants to distance itself from that event and even changed the new Bronco's reveal date after realizing the original date coincided with O.J. Simpson's birthday. It remains to be seen how much the Heritage Edition will cost, but it will almost certainly be more expensive than the base Bronco, which starts at $28,500 for the two-door version and $33,200 for the four-door version.

If the Heritage Edition isn't inspired by your favorite Bronco generation, aftermarket companies will offer alternatives. Maxlider is building a 2021 Bronco inspired by the Nite Edition from the 1990s and Saleen is working on a new version of the "Big Oly" Bronco racing truck that competed in the Mexican 1000, now better known as the Baja 1000, in 1972.

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Source Credits: Bronco6G

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