Retro Race Car Close To Becoming Hot Wheels Toy

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The winner from the second North American leg of the 2021 Hot Wheels Legends Tour has been decided.

If you grew up loving cars, there's a good chance you have a huge collection of Hot Wheels cars stashed in your attic from your childhood collecting dust. Today, Hot Wheels cars are more popular than ever, partially thanks to adult toy car collectors. A game is also being released this year and there have been rumors of a movie tie-in for years.

This year marks the return of the annual Hot Wheels Legends Tour, with the ultimate prize for die-hard Hot Wheels fans and custom car builders: the chance to have your custom ride transformed into a Hot Wheels toy for future generations of young gearheads to race around their living room.

Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Hot Wheels

Last month, the ten finalists were announced for the second leg of the tour - but there can only be one champion. The winning car was the 2021 Lulu designed by Paul Kalenian of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kalenian's custom racer will compete with other regional winners from around the world later this year in the grand finale for a chance to have his car made into a 1:64 Hot Wheels diecast toy and become the next 2021 Hot Wheels Garage of Legends inductee. This one-of-a-kind racer is fully street legal and took just seven months to build.

Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Hot Wheels

Featuring an aluminum monocoque, the 2021 Lulu's design is inspired by Mickey Thompson's 1963 Harvey Aluminum race car and looks like something out of a Mad Max or Fast & Furious movie. It's powered by a rear-mounted four-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 325 hp and has clocked 5,000 miles.

The 2021 Lulu was up against some stiff competition. Among the ten finalists there was a wacky Ford Econoline hot rod, a 1962 Ford Falcon with flared fenders, and a racing-inspired 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C8. The 2021 Hot Wheels Legends Tour will culminate with a grand finale in November to decide which fan-made custom car will be given the Hot Wheels toy treatment.

Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Hot Wheels

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