Revealed: Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Middle East Editions

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Three new special edition Bugatti Grand Sports have made their debut at the Dubai International Motor Show.

Today at the Dubai International Motor Show, Bugatti presented three special editions of the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport, the fastest, most powerful and exclusive open top car in the world. According to the official press release, the French supercar maker wants to "honor the very important Middle East market" with these three highly exclusive models. The first Grand Sport features a horizontal color split with a bright yellow body and an underside in black carbon along with black tinted wheels.

The interior features seats finished in yellow leather with black stitching as well as the dashboard, steering wheel and gearshift. Total cost: 1.58 million euros. The next Grand Sport also has a two-tone horizontal color split consisting of blue carbon that's framed in polished anodized aluminum. In addition, the rims are highlighted in an aluminum polished Diamond Cut two-tone finish. Stepping inside and you'll find tangerine leather throughout. The door panels, dashboard, steering wheel and console are covered in dark blue Indigo leather or exposed carbon fiber. Any more affordable than the previous trim? Yeah right, it's priced at 1.74 million euros.

And finally, the last Grand Sport features green carbon fiber with polished aluminum, taking up the traditional Bugatti two-tone-specification. The rims, rearview mirrors and even the logo are made from polished aluminum. The interior matches the exterior with green and silver leather. It too is priced at 1.74 million euros. In a place with a lot of personal wealth, it's all but guaranteed that these three Grand Sports will be sold faster than the oil can come out of the ground.

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