Revealed! This Is The New Panamera That Porsche Doesn't Want You To See

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Our spy photographers are awesome.

Porsche is so confident that its next-generation Panamera is good to go, it's actually conducting last minute hot weather testing using un-camouflaged prototypes. Fortunately for us, our spy photographers just so happened to be on hand in Southern Europe when Porsche engineers were out doing their thing. With the sole exception of some realistic-looking stickers covering the headlights and taillights, this is the 2017 Panamera completely naked.

Much of its styling has been inspired by the 2012 Panamera Sport Turismo, although that concept was a shooting brake while the car you see before you is the sedan version. Expect a Panamera shooting brake to arrive at a later date. For now though, the new 2017 Panamera sedan weighs roughly 200 lbs. less than its predecessor, thanks to it riding on a new modular platform that's made from a combination of high-strength steel, aluminum and some composite materials. This weight loss will also help make the new Panamera more agile and faster than ever. Remember, we've already been told the new Panamera Turbo will be faster around the Nurburgring than the old Carrera GT.

This is the same platform that will also underpin the next Bentley Continental. What's more, it will also likely serve as the basis for a revived Porsche 928 coupe. Basically, we'd say 98% of the new Panamera is being shown here, only exception being the final front and rear light designs. So when will the live unveil be happening? This September at the Paris Motor Show, but we fully expect to see an online reveal beforehand. For now, enjoy these images and let us know what you think. Is the new Panamera better looking than the outgoing car, or is it uglier than ever?

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