Revealed: Volkswagen Golf GTI And Type R Concepts

Volkswagen has unveiled their Golf GTI Cabriolet and Type R concepts at Worthersee 2011. Both are based on the redesigned Golf Cabrio. The concept Golf GTI Cabrio is painted in a red metallic and features red brake calipers, gloss black accents, front and rear spoilers, lowered suspension and 19-inch alloy wheels. The cabin has been upgraded to include Nappa leather upholstery, aluminum door sill plates and a more aggressive GTI body kit.

Under the hood, power is generated from a 2.0 liter TFSI engine, producing a total output of 208hp and 206 lb-ft. It can hit a top speed of 149 mph and goes from 0-62 mph in just under seven seconds. Even bigger news is that VW unveiled the Golf R Cabriolet concept, which features a 2.0 liter inline-4 that produces 267hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. It is VW's fastest droptop ever. Top speed will be around 155 mph and will go from 0-62 in less than 6.0 seconds. The interior is trimmed with carbon fiber, aluminum and Nappa leather along with drilled aluminum pedals and sill plates.

The Golf R Cabriolet concept is fitted with 19-inch Tallaedga rims as well as 17-inch brakes with vented discs and blue calipers. The suspension has also been lowered by an inch. Both cars are strictly concepts for now, but if public reaction is strong enough, VW may just decide to build them.

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