Reventon Roadster: Fire When Ready


Here are the facts: Nine will be built. Each is individually numbered and will go for record high prices if those lucky few owners ever choose to sell them. It's powered by a monstrous V12 that will make young children cry with fright and middle-aged men cry in joy. The Lamborghini Reventon Roadster, like its Coupe sibling, is based off the Murcielago, but with an all-new body that's more reminiscent of a strike fighter jet than a blazing road racer.


That's not to say the Reventon Roadster can't blaze its way past almost any other production car built today. Now that there's an open roof, it'll be even easier to wave your hand out the window as you pass by, well, pretty much any living creature walking on two or four legs. The Reventon Roadster is just wicked fast and looks almost too perfect to have been designed by humans. Ok, enough with my symbolic rant here. It's just too much fun to write and think about as there are few street legal production cars that make my jaw drop quite like this.

Lamborghini's production/design study looks great and will hopefully be a preview as to where the automaker will look for inspiration in future models. Next up: the Murscielago's replacement, a reborn Jota.

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