Revere London 2011 Range Rover Sport

The famed Range Rover and its smaller iteration, the Sport, have often be the subjects of various tuning firms. Few modifications for these two even address off-roading these days, instead placing more of their attention towards style and on-road performance. Revere London, a relative novice to the tuning industry, has just released its first entire vehicle conversion based on the Range Rover Sport.

The tuner states that their philosophy towards modification is, "to provide clientele with a unique lifestyle choice, excellent service and complete discretion." The exterior prominently sports the signature Revere grill up front, which the rest of the front end is fashioned with a plastic front bumper and lower fascia. Inside, the interior can be fitted with your choice of 6 different types of leather. Revere can pretty much cover the entire interior space in leather if one requests such a thing. The tuner has also created a set of custom gauges and steering wheels.

The performance upgrades include an ECU reprogramming that offers a bump to 410-horsepower for the 4.2-liter supercharged V8.

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