Reverse-Engineering Sees Dodge Viper GTS-R Return to the Streets


The racer is back on the streets in its original Hasseroder design of 1999.

Most of the time we're seeing street-legal sports cars transformed into racers, but here we have a classic case of role-reversal as the owner of a Zakspeed Racing Dodge Viper GTS-R instructed Heurich Classics, a classic car specialist, to make his beloved Viper street legal. In addition he wanted the German company to recreate the apparel of the Hasseroder Viper GTS-R that won the 1999 24-hour Nurburgring endurance race; a feat they achieved using platinum wrapping foils.

As Chrysler drags their feet with the next-generation Viper, it's refreshing to report of someone taking matters into their own hands for once. A lot of work has gone into this modification, starting with cutting the spoiler and removing the rear diffuser, rebuilding the side channels, and adding regular sport tires and wheels. The brake system was replaced and a hand brake was installed, the steering angle was increased, changes were made to the cooling system and electrics, the exhaust and engine peripherals were modified, passenger seats were installed and the glazing was renewed.

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Under the traditional colors and livery of the original Hasseroder Viper GTS-R lies a 600hp 6.2-liter V8, mated to a Tremec six-speed manual transmission. It's also equipped with KW dampers and a Motec M8 system. All in, the converted Viper weighs in at a mere 1,350kg so the power-weight ratio will guarantee the street racer performs as impressively as it looks.