Review Of The Lexus LC500 Reveals It's Not All That We Hoped It Would Be

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There is such a thing as too much technology.

Those hoping that Lexus would bring its technology-reliant ways to the LC500 will not have to walk away disappointed because the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class fighter has the silicon toys (not those kind) to rival the International Space Station. Switches, buttons, and Lexus' notoriously annoying touchpad infotainment system is present inside the new grand touring machine and even the LC500h, the hybrid variant, gets a nifty four speed gearbox placed aft of its CVT to reduce the nuisances of a shift-free acceleration.

In effect, it helps the LC500h have the same torque manipulation as the ten speed gearbox, the transmission its 5.0-liter V8-powered cousin, the LC500. While Lexus has yet to reveal information on an LC-F, we'd hope that product planners at Toyota's luxury wing are wise enough to know better than to leave performance enthusiasts stranded in this segment.

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The only problem is that if Lexus does build the LC-F, we can expect it to gain its extra horsepower from a hybrid drivetrain, meaning that it may be one of the first dedicated sports cars to have the segment sacrilege-committing CVT gearbox. We'd be happier if Lexus put more LFA into the car than Toyota Prius, but the world is changing fast and we may soon have to accept such systems if we still want to get our speed fix. At least Lexus gave the LC500 bold styling to stand out in traffic, a V8 option, and a lack of trunk storage like a real sports car.

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