Revised European Accord to have Geneva Debut

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Honda has just announced that the refreshed European Honda Accord sedan and wagon will make their debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Please try to contain your excitement, as the Accord has undergone mostly minor changes. The Accord's US cousin, the Acura TSX, has also undergone similar changes. Unlike the Acura, the Euro Accord always had a much better front grille design, which Acura has now toned down.

For the Euro Accord, minor changes have been made to the front fascia and headlights. There are now, what Honda calls, Active Cornering Lights that turn on once the steering wheel is turned more than 90-degrees. There's also now a High-Beam Support System that utilizes a CMOS camera fitted to the windscreen in the area of the driver side rear view mirror. A few new color choices are also offered. Perhaps the biggest change is to the 2.2-liter i-DTEC diesel engine (another thing US buyers are sadly deprived of).

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Thanks to a few internal design changes, both fuel economy has improved and emissions have been reduced. While the US Accord is a fine car, it never quite captured the overall spirit of what an Accord should be: a sporty and fun, but not too big, family sedan.

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