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Revolution Track Car Finds New Use For Mustang V6

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Out of the pony car and into a carbon-fiber track machine.

Remember when you could get the Ford Mustang with a V6? Those days are long gone, with the EcoBoost and V8 remaining your principal choices. But someone's found a good use for the engine.

Check out the Revolution. It's a track toy created by one of the guys behind Radical – another company that makes similar types of machinery. And it looks like a suitable home for the 3.7-liter Cyclone/Duratec V6 that Ford used to offer in its pony car, producing the same 300 horsepower. Only this one's a lot lighter, so it ought to deliver even better performance.

Weighing less than 1,500 pounds, the (otherwise unnamed) debut model from Revolution doesn't weigh half as much as a new Mustang, even with the lighter EcoBoost engine. The Cyclone/Duratec V6 is also mated here to a six-speed sequential transmission derived from the type used in the World Rally Championship. So it should shift faster than the Mustang's six-speed manual, the six-speed automatic that was offered with this engine, or even the new ten-speed automatic that was introduced after Ford stopped offering the six-cylinder engine option (which has also powered the likes of the Ford Transit, Lincoln Continental, and yep – the Radical RXC.)

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Radical co-founder Phil Abbott worked together with former GM and Infiniti designer Simon Cox and supercar engineer Pete Watts (formerly of Bugatti and McLaren) on the Radical's development, and commissioned specialists in Germany to engineer the carbon-fiber chassis. Yet it's still slated to cost under £100,000 (or about $130k), and with long service intervals of 6,200 miles (or 100 hours) between rebuilds, it's designed to be affordable to run as well – whether you're a novice looking for a fun track-day car, or an aspiring racer with your eyes set on racing Le Mans prototypes.