RevoZport Bets $2 Million On Body Kits For Several 2024 EVs

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The company wants to produce kits for the Lotus Eletre, Lucid Air, several Teslas, some Bimmers, and a handful of Chinese EVs.

RevoZport, a tuner based in Hong Kong, has teased several new body kits it plans to develop for a series of premium electric vehicles.

The company has invested $2 million into developing new aerodynamic kits for EVs like the Lotus Eletre, BMW iX, and several Tesla models. RevoZport hopes to complete work on 13 kits by the end of 2023 and plans on introducing an additional 20-30 aero kits for unspecified vehicles sometime in 2024.

Several accompanying renderings give us an idea of what to expect. So far, we're impressed by what we see. The Eletre is arguably one of the best-looking electric SUVs on the market. The R-Zentric Eletre R pictured below gets an extra dose of aggression thanks to carbon fiber bumpers front and rear, side skirts, and a subtle lip spoiler. We could do without the canards, though.

RevoZport RevoZport RevoZport RevoZport

BMW's lineup of electric vehicles hasn't been left out, with RevoZport planning kits for the iX, the iX3, and the iX1. Like the Lotus, the German trio receives carbon fiber accouterments for a sportier and more menacing stance. The iX1 and iX3 - which aren't currently sold in the US - look rather good, but the iX looks a bit much, possibly because of the already-aggressive front fascia.

These are renders, so the kits may look much better in person. RevoZport will also cater to Tesla customers with sporty kits for the Model X, Model S, and Model Y. The Model S Plaid, rendered below, has a touring car energy to it, thanks to the prominent rear wing, carbon fiber front splitter, and side skirts. The SUVs don't look bad either, but it's the Model S Plaid that excites us most.

RevoZport RevoZport RevoZport RevoZport

It's worth noting that several aftermarket tuners already offer kits for Tesla vehicles, which means RevoZport won't have the market to itself.

Why is RevoZport investing all this money, you ask? The company wants to cater to the ever-growing Chinese market, where high-end EVs remain popular. Electric vehicle registrations have risen in China significantly, and the tuner believes this development will boost sales by an estimated 30%.

"Our investment in the Chinese EV market is a strategic move to capitalize on the growing popularity and demand for electric vehicles in the country," said a company spokesperson. "By creating customized aerokit stylings for these popular EV brands, we aim to offer unique, high-quality products that enhance aesthetics and performance."

Adding extra flair and aggression to EVs is one thing, but if the company designs these kits with aerodynamics in mind, they could even increase range and reduce energy consumption.

RevoZport RevoZport RevoZport RevoZport

The two examples of Chinese electric vehicles that RevoZport has plans for are seen above. The LiAuto L9 and Xpeng P7 are both desirable purchases in their home country, and these kits will help these EVs stand out from the crowd. RevoZport also has plans to develop kits for the Lucid Air.

Aside from the electric vehicles, the tuner has plans to create a kit for the new Honda Civic Type R, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and the Ferrari Purosangue. The Italian SUV, referred to as the Rivitalizzare (Revitalize in English), benefits from several carbon fiber add-ons, including a rear spoiler. It wouldn't be the first tuning company to express interest in the Purosangue.

Whether these kits will be offered in the United States remains to be seen, but we're guessing some EV owners will jump at the opportunity to spruce up their vehicles. RevoZport was founded over 20 years ago and has provided kits for some of the world's most exclusive cars, so its quality is right up there.

RevoZport RevoZport RevoZport RevoZport RevoZport RevoZport

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