RevoZport's Amazing BMW 1M Raze P450

RevoZport teamed up with CP Engineering to produce a powerful BMW 1M.

RevoZport teamed up with CP Engineering to create a BMW 1M Raze P450 with a focus on aerodynamic efficiency and an improved power-to-weight ratio. After a few months of operation, the 1M came out looking and running incredible. To boost performance, RevoZport used a front mounted intercooler, downpipes, ECU tuning and a lightweight 14lbs TP340C titanium exhaust imported from Japan. The exhaust rumbles out a much-improved note.

These changes complement the 1M's 3.0-liter turbocharged engine. The American tuning company made use of lightweight carbon fiber on the hood, front splitter, trunk, GT spoiler, roof spoiler, roof panel, front grille and mirror covers amongst other things. The use of the super-light carbon fiber saved over 120lbs alone. All these changes are expected to give the Raze an unofficial 450hp, as denoted by its name. The standard 1M runs at 335hp. The parts and prices are all available on RevoZport's website.

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