Revozport's Extreme MINI-Based Targa Raze

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250-Horsepower and a reduction in weight equal one quick Mini Coupe.

The Mini Coupe on its own is a fun and quick little car with a boatload of British personality. Revozport saw the potential to turn the quirky little car into an extreme sports coupe with a power upgrade of 70 horsepower and several weight-reducing techniques. From these initial details, it appears that they have accomplished their lofty ambitions. The Targa Raze Coupe was developed in conjunction with the guys over at Targa Racing.

It consists of a lightweight aerodynamic body kit built out of carbon and Kevlar composite material. With 23 parts in total, including a new front bumper with integrated LEDs, side skirts with air scoops, roof, wider front and rear fenders and duckbill spoiler (plus optional GT Wing), the kit saves about 70lbs off the standard coupe's curb weight. In addition to the reduced weight and improved aerodynamics, Revozport has tweaked the Mini's 1.6-liter engine substantially, producing a total output of 250hp. The power upgrade has come via the use of a lightweight race-engineered titanium cat back exhaust system, larger intercooler and a pair of new camshafts.

Along with an ECU remap, the wheel track has been widened by 15mm in both the front and rear for some much-needed help in the handling of all that extra power. Check out Revozport and Targa Racing's final design for the Targa Raze Mini Coupe in the gallery ahead.

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