Rezvani Beast Alpha Coming To LA With Insane New Door System

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First there was Beast, then Beast X, and now it's Beast Alpha.

Rezvani is a niche manufacturer that offers up two models for those who want a precision driving instrument - a street legal but track-focused toy with all the right bits in all the right places. It launched with the aptly named Beast and followed that up with an angrier-sounding Beast X. The manufacturer is constantly improving and so with the LA Auto Show coming up soon, we've seen teasings of the newest in the lineup and a definite range-topper if the name is anything to go by. The Beast Alpha.

The original Beast produces 500 horsepower, which we can imagine being good fun in such a lightweight car. A while back we already reported that the improved Beast X can make as much as 700 hp when a pair of turbochargers are strapped on to the 2.4-liter K24 Honda motor instead of a turbocharger and a supercharger combination. One of the changes we know to be seen on the new Beast X will be it's coupe body type, which allows the maker to create a more comfortable car that could be used more often on the streets. The top will be removable and the car gets a pair of airbags and air conditioning so no matter the weather you'll be happy.

The biggest change to the new Beast Alpha is to the doors. While there's not too much to a door with it's sole function being to let people get in and out of a car, some manufacturers have tried to reinvent it. You get scissor doors on Lamborghinis, gull wing doors on Mercedes-Benz cars and the Koenigsegg dihedral synchro-helix actuation system that looks cool but needs some thought if parking near a pavement. The new Rezvani doors will be even more complicated and will need more forethought when opening. The door opening cuts into the side of the car so there's narrower sill to transverse. Overly complicated? Probably. A cool selling point? Definitely. We look forward to testing it out in person next week in LA.

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