Rezvani Continues To Impress With Two New Models

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Set to arrive this year.

The Beast is a very impressive machine. Its interesting engine, the fact that it's all hand built, that so much of it is carbon fiber and thus keeps the weight below 2,000 pounds, and that the fact that it's an Aerial Atom with bodywork and a smaller engine is just ludicrous. Reviews of the boutique supercar have been complimentary and now Rezvani has announced two more models are in the works, including a coupe version for the Beast and 700-hp Beast X, which will enclose the car with a fixed roof.

The company also announced an "ultra rugged SUV" model is in the works. "I can't release more information until we're closer to release mid-to-late 2016," said Ferris Rezvani, CEO of Rezvani Motors. Unfortunately no information has been released about that, but at the very least it's interesting that Rezvani is exploring new frontiers. If it's anything like the Nomad it'll kick some serious ass.

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