Rezvani Tank Stars In Amazon's New Show: The Terminal List

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This is a prime example of perfect car casting.

In case you haven't heard about it from everyone, a brand-new TV show called The Terminal List hit Prime Video last week.

It's the story of a Navy SEAL returning home after a compromised mission and the aftermath of that. We won't spoil it for you, but we are adequately qualified to say that it's a must-watch despite what the critics say. Audiences loved it, and so do we.

What average viewers might miss is the brilliant car casting. Casting the right car is often overlooked by directors, but Antoine Fuqua uses it beautifully in this eight-hour adrenaline rush. We haven't seen car casting this exceptional since the Pontiac Aztek in Breaking Bad. With that piece of hot trash in the driveway, you just knew how miserable Walter White's life was.

Rezvani Motors

Our protagonist (Chris Pratt) drives a modified old-school Land Cruiser. It leads a tough life, and its trunk has been modified to carry the various guns used during the show. It tells us he's the adventurous type that knows his cars and guns without uttering a word.

The antagonist is driven around in a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, flanked by two Rezvani Tanks. Once again, we know exactly who this person is. He's rich, likes a big car, and loves making an entrance. Rezvani was so proud to be portrayed in the series that it recently shared a short video reel. You can check it out below, but be aware. There's some foul language and light violence. If you're currently watching The Boys, this short clip will look like a Disney cartoon.

Throughout the rest of the show, you'll also see various government-issued sedans, SUVs, and a few military vehicles.

Rezvani Motors Rezvani Motors

Another highlight is the inclusion of a Porsche Cayenne, driven by someone who can't go five minutes without posting on the 'Gram. Since the "making of" shows the Cayenne being trashed, we're not giving anything away.

It's pretty clear Fuqua spent a lot of money getting the cars just right. But what do you expect from the director of Training Day, who cast a 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo in the Oscar-winning masterpiece?

Many consider it the finest bit of car casting in a movie ever, but we're incredibly fond of the NA Miata in the 2010 action comedy MacGruber.

Rezvani Motors Rezvani Motors Rezvani Motors Rezvani Motors

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