Rezvani Vengeance Is A 690-HP Armored SUV From Science Fiction

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It costs about as much as a flying car from "Blade Runner," too.

The last time we heard from Rezvani, it was building up to the launch of its newest model, the Vengeance.

That day is finally upon us, and so is this 600+ horsepower SUV that looks like it could have starred in Blade Runner. That was the goal, says CEO Ferris Rezvani.

"[The idea] was to put a science fiction video game concept car in people's driveways," said Rezvani. Job done if you ask us, especially with 690 horsepower and 673 lb-ft of torque from a supercharged 6.2-liter gas V8. An inline six-cylinder turbocharged diesel and a naturally aspirated V8 are also available.

The Vengeance is supposed to provide more than just sci-fi looks, however. Rezvani starts with a Cadillac Escalade and builds you a custom eight-seat SUV fit for Judge Dredd. If you are feeling crazy, you can begin with an Escalade-V.

Rezvani Rezvani Rezvani Rezvani

If the car looks like something out of Cyberpunk 2077, that's very intentional. The designer of the Vengeance, Milen Iv, is a video game vehicle developer who has worked on cars in the Fast and Furious animated series.

Despite its imposing size, Rezvani says the truck was designed to still fit in your garage and be helpful in the real world. You'll undoubtedly be able to see the world around you thanks to multiple functional light bars on the front of the vehicle.

Rezvani stamps the car's build number onto the angular hood in keeping with the dystopian military vehicle theme. The Vengeance should also be somewhat capable off-road, with standard 22-inch wheels sporting massive 35-inch tires.

Just don't look at the fuel economy. As with previous models, Rezvani offers a complete armor package for the car, and while it doesn't quote the price, the changes are profound.

Rezvani Rezvani Rezvani Rezvani

The armor package includes bulletproof glass, body armor, helmets, and gas masks, for starters. Checking this box also nets you underbody explosive protection, a deployable smoke screen, run-flat military-grade tires, a night vision system, and reinforced suspension. That's presumably to handle all the extra heft. A base Escalade already weighs 5,636 lbs.

But there's more. EMP protection, a steel ram bumper, and electrified door handles are also included. People will also see and hear you coming with the intercom system, sirens, and strobe lights. If the peasants get too close, Rezvani also offers a pepper spray dispenser and a first aid kit if you accidentally douse yourself.

Finally, the armor package is rounded off with explosive device detection, magnetic door handles, and continuous video recording.

Rezvani Rezvani Rezvani Rezvani

Inside, you'll find more resemblance to the Escalade, including a massive curved OLED screen.

The front seats are heated and ventilated. In the row behind, customers can choose from either two captain's chairs or a three-seat bench, bringing occupancy to eight. On top of that, the Escalade's full suite of safety features is available here, including forward collision alert with braking, a rearview camera mirror, blind-spot monitoring, and hands-free driving.

You'll need that rearview camera to see out the back of the Vengeance, which looks more like a D-Day landing craft than the rear end of a car.

Rezvani says order books are now open, with the Vengeance starting at $249,000.

Rezvani Rezvani Rezvani Rezvani

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