Rheinmetall's Volkswagen Amarok M LMPV Revealed

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The lightweight all-terrain vehicle has been added to Rheinmettall's product portfolio.

The Amarok M is Volkswagen's formidable pickup truck and has been chosen by Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) as the basis for their new military vehicle. During the development process, RMVV was conscious of meeting the two military requirements of ergonomic design and maximum modularity. The Amarok M is a light MPV that can be easily configured and with different equipment kits it can be used in a range of different missions.

There is enough space to seat four fully equipped soldiers, and it also comes with rifle racks, a radio system with handsets and enough room to house additional equipment. The three-ton vehicle can also carry up to 1.37 tons. Featuring AWD, an off-road anti-blocking system, a high-performance diesel or gasoline engine and a choice of eight-gear automatic or six-gear standard transmission, the Amarok M offers high mobility both off road and on hard surfaces. Power output is rated from 121hp to 180hp and boasts a top speed of 112mph.

As an alternative to loading, the chassis can be modified transforming the Amarok M into a communications, command or military police vehicle, and the model on display at Eurosatory 2012 comes equipped with an electrically powered rig-mount for a medium or heavy machine gun or automatic grenade launcher.

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