Rich BMW Buyers Might Face Some Difficult Choices

Which one would you take home at the end of the day?

Thoughthe rumor mills have been working overtime and the company hasrepeatedly denied such a development, it now seems very likely that the BMW isin the process of developing an M Performance derivative of the new 7-Seriessedan. According to C/D, the meager selection of engines offered onthe new 7er, currently consisting of the 320 hp 740i and the 445 hp 750i,will soon be joined by some very interesting new models: Beyond the Europe-onlydiesels, a 760i, B7 Alpina and even an M Performance version are on the way.

According to C/D, the 760i will pack BMW's twin-turbo V12, while theAlpina B7 will offer a luxurious take on the twin-turbo V8, tweaked to produce around 600 hp. But for gearheads and those intent ondriving the ultimate of ultimate driving machines, the flavor of the day willundoubtedly be the M Performance model, featuring what is likely to be someform of "mild hybridization." Such a model would be poised to faceoff against competition from the Mercedes S63 AMG and Audi S8, though it maynot be as drastic as the full-fledged M7 we've been praying for. Until theseadditions are officially announced, enthusiasts will have to make do with thenew 7-Series' optional M Sport package.

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